Prof.Edward Shuryak 

(office C139, phone 632-8127) 

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TuTh 8:30AM - 9:50AM, (or other to be decided at the first lecture) C133 (G.Brown room). The first lecture Tue. Aug.28

  THE MAIN OBJECTIVE is to introduce graduate students, both THEORISTS and EXPERIMENTALISTS,to non-perturbative phenomena in QCD and other QCD-like theories.

* QCD correlation functions, from phenomenology and lattice

* Trans-series and semiclassical theory in quantum mechanic

* Gauge topology: instantons

* Chiral anomaly, instanton zero modes and 't Hooft Lagrangian

* Instanton-induced effects in hadronic spectroscopy and correlation functions

* Chiral symmetries and their breaking

* QCD at finite temperatures, the phase diagram

* Polyakov line and the confinement/deconfinement transition, 

* The instanton-dyons and their ensembles

* monopoles and dual superconductor model

* confinement as Bose-Einstein condensation of monopoles 

* monopoles and kinetics of quark-gluon plasma

* Confining flux tubes

* The QCD flux tube excitations and effective string theory

* Rotaing strings and Regge trajectories

* Pomerons and QCD strings

PRE-REQUISITES: Grad. or undergrad general course on Particle/Nuclear physics like NP-I;  Statistical Mechanics.

No textbooks exist which fits it: lecture notes will be provided. 

The grade will be be based on quality of the presentations 

which students are supposed to give as exam, based on research papers from a supplied list.