PHY684-01, Fall 2016

Nonperturbative phenomena in QCD ( Special Topics in Nuclear Physics )

Prof.Edward Shuryak

(office C139, phone 632-8127)

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TuTh 10:00AM - 11:20AM C133 (G.Brown room)

The first lecture Sept.6

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE is to introduce graduate students, both THEORISTS and EXPERIMENTALISTS,

to non-perturbative phenomena in QCD and other QCD-like theories.

Symmetries and phases of QCD, the main results of Lattice Gauge theories

Confinement: dual superconductivity model, flux tubes

Monopoles and electric-magnetic duality

Physics of monopoles: Bose-Einstein condensation

Physics of monopoles: scattering on quarks and gluons, kinetic properties of quark-gluon plasma

Semiclassical methods in quantum mechanics and QFT's

The instantons in gauge theoris

Instantons and sphalerons of electroweak sector: baryon number violation, baryon asymmetry of the Universe

QCD instantons on the lattice

Topological fluctuations in heavy ion collisions, chiral magnetic effect

The Polyakov line and its VEV, deconfinement phase transition, PNJL model

Instantons at nonzero temperature and Polyakov line VEVs: instanton-dyons

Fermions in the field of instantons and instanton-dyons: 't Hooft Lagrangian

Instanton-dyon ensembles: confinement

Instantons and instanton-dyons: chiral symmetry breaking and restoration transition

Instantons and color superconductivity in dense quark matter

PRE-REQUISITES: Grad. or undergrad general course on Particle/Nuclear physics; QFT-I and Statistical Mechanics desirable.

No textbooks exist which fits it: lecture notes will be provided.

The grade will be be based on quality of the presentations

which students are supposed to give as exam, based on research papers from a supplied list.