Address: Physics Department, State University of New York, Stony Brook NY 11794.

Phone 631-6328127, email shuryak@tonic.physics.sunysb.edu

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  • If you may be interested in my research interests/best works, click this figure
  • Conference ESQGP related to my 60-th birthday is here , where one can find slides of all talks. Parts of some talks as movies are stored separately, e.g. the opening (which of course had no slides), Johanna Stachel, John Negele 1, John Negele 2, Larry Yaffe, Barbara Jacak, George_Sterman, Volodya_Zelevinsky, Joe Kapusta, Rob Pisarski, Victor Flambaum (with great thanks to all speakers/participants, with sincere apology to others whose movie talk is missing. Also my apology for technical imperfections of these ones: that was my debut as a cameraman at a conference)
  • Teaching fall 2008 - Nucl.Phys.II 552 here its web page
  • Many of my special topic lectures became part of the book, published in Nov.2004 by World Scientific in Lecture Notes series (second edition) , entitled ``The QCD vacuum, hadrons and superdense matter"
  • Some of my lectures/talks available on the web are listed in this page:
  • A collection of useful programs from our group, look here
  • I wrote about 300 papers, and (summer of 2008) their total number of citations is about 15000 (in QSPIRES), or 68 per published paper.
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  • If you may be interested in my ``world line",click this figure
  • Pictures of some physicists: Meeting in Duck NC, Nov.2000 , S.T.Belyaev (my Ph.D adviser) Fest, in Phyladelphia 1994 , Yu.B.Rumer et al (1965) ,